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Description: . Hi to all. This is formerly Hotassgacpl, just perceived a need to switch the name so I used my stage name. Yes I'm a dancer and I go to school fulltime, 7 classes this semester. Anyhow, I don't usually react to the dummies on here, but I am this time. Please hunk with me and then I'll demonstrate you my A duo of people, you know who you are, said that they made me and that I should let them on my fresh site for free. As briefly as you pay for costumes, select and setup shoots do the actual shoots, edit and get ready pictures to put on site. Shoot the movies etc. I'll let you on my site for free.And reminisce Einstien, you're paying to see my culo here to, awful greedy aren't ya? NEWS FLASH --You nor anyone else on voy-zone has made me,. voy-zone provides a venue and people choose to use it. I post on voy-zone and always will it is where I began to express myself thru erotic photography online, but just to appease you. All of the naturist staff may look at my look, like they haven't look has permitted me to do what I'm doing. Noone is pushing my site either, the link is their, hit it or leave behind about it. I sent Two other Contris, but they have yet to post, I'll wait a few and then resubmit, but these are best arse pictures, at least in my biased opinion..:0)..! recall to vote and if you'd like to take a look at my sight..:0) Thanks again guys, sorry about my rambling, but somethings have to be addressed.. Ciao,
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by contoserost:

word class kinks

by Brazilian:

No need for a Mardi Gras celebtation. Bunches of youthfull, drunken, worthless, unemployed, on welfare, rednecks can be seen on almost any weekend around the U.S.

by asdifi:

shes hot in the trees love to see Five or Six pics of her in act please

by xxxbunky:

Nurse, I think I have a fever! Can you perceive my head? ;-)

by Cockpants:

Very nice,I would like to join yoi in some joy.

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I perceive this woman must climb my rock - she is beautiful too much

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She looks like a good fuck. Does she swallow?

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now that's bush! Love it!!

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your puffies are out of this world !!!!!!!!!

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Oh, my... you have thousands of guys all over the world reaching for a tissue!

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by georgeunh:

lots of licks

by cromwell2:

Could be nice...

by redhot11:

will do anything (or anyone) for enough money!

by karlkerl:

Thx, so much

by devildark:

Very Nice Lucy. More please.

by cornell23:

I'd love to shove my dick in your bootie

by orangensw:

Could witness you two have fun for hours....Id even slurp that clean for her.

by hotcam2:

not bad

by leo82:

Love the pics! If you have any shots of #77, please post them!

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To finish off

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I'd SPREAD those chocolate ASSCHEEKS and BURY my FACE in it to TASTE it and your SWEET Vagina

by assmaniac:

WOW you also need a UNBELIEVABLE button please send more to

by lades36:

Nice Sarah. Love the sexy look back.

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would love to see some outdoor piss shots! mmmmmmm!!!! :)

by HardSexy_:

spam alert AKA see out is the fattest @sshole ever on this site. has made the same Lame comment for over two years. talk about a spammer. also has never made a contribution ever. And can`t. no catagory for boys. Do us all a favor and end it now. And for danninhbg, you had to pay a woman for your contribution. attempt something fresh and make a positive comment for once in your sorry life. you are the ambush king. wait for someone to say something you don`t like then attack them. that indeed sounds like a f@g budge to me.

by antilliaan1:

fantadstc preggo in activity

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I love the old meat.

by ieya:

no face, no vote

by ishable:

Hi,we're a UK duo with a big nylon fetish & loved the pics of your gorgeous gams & pretty painted toes in your sexy black pantyhose. You have a lovely assets & we would be interested in trading "nylon" pics with you if you'd

by fingersli:

how old are you?

by joe64:

love to see a lady reading a nice mens magazine and fondling herself! me rock hard here...TY!

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by calvin966: are real???? are a dream....beautiful fantasy.

by Camulas:

WOW, very sexy!

by ravali35:

Love the "nanna-tits" in photo Three. Wish you had more!

by craze1_us:

La Perla is the BEST! So light and feathery. So softly cradling that beautiful figure. Please post more of these! Voted superb.

by paul_brum:

If want can also enroll in mine that is visible all over the world!!!!

by nemmo:

Indeed nice tits -- LOVE the bend-over hangers...

by El_Duderi:

those are some gravely bad photos. What a waste of bandwidth

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A beautiful female that I would give just abouy anything to be with!!! Just the sexiest nymph around and so guiltless in appearance !!!

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btfl backside & tits

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i would love to have pic's of you taken on my boat (including some with my wife)

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by Tonypazz:

You are a beautiful, sexy woman

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OOOOOOOOOOO........I love the "Mother of the bride" look.....very sexy in black underwear and a lovely hat.

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You know I'll have as many drinks with you as you lengthy as my eyes can drink in your lovely bod.

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Wow, those tits are...Gasp! Gasp! Tremendous! Send me a few more, gorgeous lady!

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very nice!

by hamadashika:

Best regards, Lurch

by Hiki2:

I don't think the woman in picture #10 is knocked up

by m3rend4:

Sam is a very lovely girl! charlie

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NICE DICK!! Let's see if jammed up some girl's caboose.

by mjc8860:

mmmm i wanna spread your butt and munch your cunny and bum so good

by imwade3:

Very nice Taylor!!! I am always struck by a woman that sets a purpose and conquers! The squirting activity earns xtra points too. Look forward to your next posting.

by mrwelles:

tu es très sexy et très excitant! tu es la fille de mes rêves!

by claws1:

put in a mexi in a chipper and get sausage, or burrito...chunks that is...:-)

by thatpimpmek:

Not bad, but you're WAY too covered up with clothing, or your arms & mitts. If you're actually gonna showcase us something...

by El_Padras:

Sexy culo and tits. What a cutie. Thanks for sharing.

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estas maravillosa buenisima que bello cuerpo que tetas y tu pubic hair maravilloso

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Very, very nice

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Smoking hot!

by inshapema:

Nice pics.... however, it is "would HAVE liked to showcase her face and not would OF liked....

by SFTreat:

yoo-hoo...Lulu, where are you? All I see is a smokin' hot bod, but no face. We need to put the face with that assets to get us indeed hot.

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how about on all 4's w/tits stringing up

by Stern_DoM:

Hi Maria, we are the same age. I would love to take pics of you and then have you for lunch.

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wow wow i love pics #6 i like hairy thicket big hairy pubic hair vote superb****

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Luv the tanlines...almost got a cameltoe delite there...ask her to pose!!!!!!!

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i like jizzing

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I think that's my granny.

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Ideal titties!

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You're a luck man.

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she's a real sweetie

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Wow, hot as hell!

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That beautiful lady has abilities, I hope your eating the hell out of her to flash your gratitude. If not I would be very blessed to do it for you.

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Molly, You have transformed the "Show me state" to the "Show us state." :-) Thank you very much for all your submissions

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A faceless assets laying dead on a dock. Got any pictures of a REAL woman?

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Well done!