When I was in my very early teens I used to strip off every time my parents were out of the house

and enjoyed the feeling of being naked.
There were times when I went out in to the back yard and that feeling of the air all over my body was, and still is, indescrible. During my teen years I wasn’t a recluse in my love of naturism and wouldn’t hesitate to acknowledge to my love of being bare.

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Constantly in the context of the dialog, I never shoved it in peoples faces so to speak, but in the event the dialogue had a leaning toward skinny dipping or the like I ‘d say that I don’t have any trouble joining in or taking part.
Right up to the day I got married I had not experienced societal nudity like in a club or shore. Of course my wife knew of my love of being bare but at that time didn’t join me in my naked time. It was in the second year of union that we wnt on a camping holiday to Europe with friends. We travelled through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark and http://videonudism.com/hot/naturism-video-clips.php . On the return trip we stopped for a couple of nights on the Isle of Sylt which is only off Germany near the boarder with Denmark. My wife was there when she was quite modest as her family was stationed there with the RAF. There has been nude beaches on Sylt for years.
When we had set up the tent our buddies went off into town and I asked the wife if she desired to take a look at the shore. To url agreed. It was just the other side of the road from where we had camped so off we went. We walked through the dunes and came out on to an excellent beach where everybody were naked. The wife looked at me and smiled saying go on then I understand you need to join in. So I did!!! This was my first time nude in a social setting and it felt wonderful to be bare with others who loved the same feeling I did.
We sat down on the shore and just relaxed for a while. The wife at this point was still textile. I’m not one for sitting around for extended spans and went for a walk along the waters edge. I’d like to add at this point that whilst we’d been in Sweden I ‘d sunbathed naked on a couple of occasions when we were in the dunes by ourselves and the wife had gone topless. On returning from my walk I spotted a sight that’ll remain with me forever, my wife was lying on her back totally nude. This was such a great sight that I must acknowledge it gave me my first erection on a nude beach. I did spend at least the next five minutes lying on my front in the sand.
She said that she’d felt the odd one out with others bare around her so she joined in. When we decided we better walk back to the tent we simply picked up our clothes and walked as far as we dare before putting them back on to cross the dunes and the road back to the camp site. On the walk back she told me that she now knew why I liked being nude as the feeling was out of this world and we made arrangements to spend more hours on the shore the following day which was the last before the long drive home.
When we got back to the tent our buddy were back from town and asked us where we had been so we told them we’d been to check out the nude beach. They asked what it was like and if there were many folks there. We answered by saying there were two more when we got there… you should have seen there faces.
From that day forth we’ve loved a nudist lifestyle and not hidden the fact we are nudists from friends or family. That was 37 years ago this summer. Some of the family still believe we are wierd but who cares… we don’t.
Spread the word.. nude is best. Bob..

I ‘d never envisioned being seen bare by anyone until an amatuer photographer asked if I’d

pose nude for him. I thought as long as he was the sole one it will be fine. He took me to a remote panoramic place in the San Fernando Valley are in California. In one set of pictures came a small group of people from out of no where. I rapidly reached for my clothes and heard them say, “do not worry http://nudiststeen.com are good”. They appeared not to be violated, and then asked if they could remain there as we ended.

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The photographer said,”it is up to him”.

It was then I realized someone may see my bare pictures, so why don’t you let folks see them being taken. Up until this time, I was timid, although I knew we were alone. But somehow when this small group of clothed people expressed an acceptance for this, and showed beyond interest, encouragement, I became very much at ease.

Following the images were shot we stood and visited, I naked while they were clothed. The fascinating part of the dialog was they some declared they wished they had the bravery to be nude around others.

Later he took me to a buddy’s home and shot more pictures, folks came and went, and I was totally at ease.

I’d love to experience another photoshoot for a photographer, but haven’t had any more opportunities.

Until then I appreciate life modelling at the Community College.

I have no actual Nudists’ experience only these. I would not have any difficulty being http://videonudism.com/firsttime/sexy-beach-pussies.php with clothed individuals.

Or maybe Clothed in Nude business might better describe this incident.

I was at Cypress Cove about 6 years ago, lounging in front of http://nudist18.com by the principal pool. It was after in the day, midweek, only about five or six folks round the pool. An associate of the staff came through, bare as I remember, as were all of the patrons by the pool. With alison angel beach babes were what seemed to be four school aged pupils, all clothed. In listening to his dialogue with them, it was clear that they were conducting research for a project or report, seemingly about nudism or nudist resorts.

They worked their way round the pool area, occasionally shooting photos of the buildings and signage – the Clubhouse, Cheeks, the Gift Shop. Eventually they got to our side of the pool where myself and a couple were lounging in front of the Massage office. The staff associate promised us that we didn’t need to go, the students would have the ability to get the photographs they needed, and we’d definitely not be in the shot.

There were two ladies and two men in the group. And it was really easy to tell the men were extremely uncomfortable being there. The girls seemed a bit more self assured and did not seem as uneasy. They did not linger, but shot a few pictures of the sign behind us and then left.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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In this case, the clothed people were a bit out of forms around the nude people. Just a bit interesting, another spin on this topic.

The best way to Date a Nudist When You’re Not One

When You’re Not One how to Date a Nudist
Questions and Answers
Is it possible to locate love with a person who’s a nudist when you’re not? Although you may have a different view about whether to wear a swimsuit to the shore, you can fulfill your nudist (or sometimes referred to as “naturist”) date halfway.

Rather than looking at the situation from a one sided outlook (you may think that being nude is embarrassing whereas your date thinks it is excellent), to help the odds of your relationship success, open your mind and embrace your differences. No matter whether he or she is a full-time or part time nudist, you can find common ground to cultivate a healthy dating relationship provided you are willing to attempt.
The best way to Practise Nudism in Your Room Free Of One Knowing
Two Parts:Practicing Nudism in Your RoomTaking Your Nudism to Answers and the Next LevelQuestions
Have the nudism movement intrigued you? Nudism, also called naturism, is all about enjoying independence and the beauty that you just feel when you discard your clothes and return to nature. In case you’re not ready to practice nudism in public, you may want to try it in the solitude of your room before venturing outside. With http://beach-photos.net and attention, you can turn your bedroom into a one-individual nudist colony.
Practicing Nudism in Your Room
Picture titled Practise Nudism in Your Room Free Of One Knowing Measure 11
Get complete seclusion. Close and lock all the doors and windows in the room that you’ll be remaining in. Particularly at night, pull the shades or blinds. If there’s a gap between the flooring and it place a towel or blanket along the bottom of your door. You need complete privacy with no hindrance. It is common courtesy for people in nudist clubs to bring their own towels to sit on, in order to start this practice in your room.
Ensure you have lots of things to do, and you could keep to yourself for the amount of time which you are considering.
Picture titled Practise Nudism in Your Room With No One Understanding Step 22
Remove your clothes. Set your clothing in a pile in the same sequence that you simply had place them on so you can get dressed if someone comes knocking in your door. Then you definitely should do this in case you’re really worried about getting caught. Nevertheless, you can even keep a towel around, fast wrap yourself in it, and assert that you were going to take a shower if someone comes in.
Picture titled Practise Nudism in Your Room Free Of One Knowing Measure 33
Do what you’d ordinarily do. Now that you have removed any barriers in your garments, along with your way, you can simply go about your ordinary life. Thus, do not do anything particularly unique just because you are in the buff. Actual nudists merely do what they usually do, only nude — even if they’re able to enjoy life a bit more and feel more liberated as an effect. Below are some things you are able to do in your room:
Have fun. Read a book, play a computer game, see TV, draw, paint, play solitaire, do word searches, play guitar, etc.
Get down to business. Refine your resume, do computer research, do your taxes, clean your room, organize pictures, and so forth. Things that might otherwise not be much fun to do (i.e. cleaning) are commonly substantially pleasing to do while nude.
Get healthy. Stretches, moderate exercise, or yoga is really beneficial while bare, particularly in front of a full length mirror, as one can see which ligaments and muscles come into play.
Picture titled Practise Nudism in Your Room Free Of One Understanding Step 3Bullet3
Give yourself a self-massage. While you aren’t able to reach your back, you can massage abdomen, arms, torso, feet, hands, your legs, scalp, and other areas you’ll be able to alleviate stress.
Pamper yourself. While nude with an extended quantity of time available, it’s a good time.
Be daring. Call a friend on the phone and speak in the nude with your pal being none the wiser. See how it feels to interact on a platonic level with a friend without needing any clothing on. You may want to join a nudist group in the future, when you’re ready, if you’re feeling perfectly comfortable.
Picture titled Practise Nudism in Your Room Free Of One Understanding Step 3Bullet6
Know that it is not about the hot items. Though you may be tempted to touch yourself while you are in the nude, which is, naturally, totally natural, recall that one of the core principles of nudism is that it’s practiced in a non sexual way. That’s why it is very important to get as many other things to fill your time as possible once you shut your door.
Picture titled Practise Nudism in Your Room With http://nudismnudist.com Understanding Measure 44
Sleep naked. A lot of folks sleep naked only since they believe it feels good, even in case they do not consider themselves nudists. If you are serious about practicing nudism in your room, then a good solution to do it’s to go to bed nude; if you are found, folks will not believe it is too strange, because lots of people do it. Keep a bathrobe easy in the event you have to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. You can simply wake up in the morning and keep to be bare for as long as it is possible in case you are serious about nudism.
Picture titled Practise Nudism in Your Room Free Of One Understanding Step 55
Gain a better understanding of nudism. Another great thing to do while you’re all alone in your room would be to study nudism online. You must have a strong understanding of what you’re actually doing if you intend to actually practice nudism. There are lots of misconceptions about nudism that you need to be conscious of before you can say you truly understand it.

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Below are some things that you may learn:[1]
Many nudists really prefer to be named naturists.
Nudism is not meant to be sexual. Being naked is meant to be totally natural instead of causing arousal.
Nudism is all about gaining back the liberty little kids feel about being nude. You need to stop thinking about the restrictions that society has placed on you and return you your inner child. Nudism is lively.
Because it’s about returning to your natural state, nudism is additionally called naturism.
While it’s illegal to be naked in a public place, the custom of nudism as a whole is not prohibited, unless you’re living in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Arkansas, or some other places.
Nudism isn’t sexually deviant. Nudists have absolutely healthy sex lives; they just don’t make their day-to-day lifestyle any more sexual only because they aren’t wearing garments. Nor does this mean they are asexual. Being part of a nudist group will not mean that you need to be too sexual simply because you’re in the buff.
You don’t have to have a perfect body. You simply need to be comfortable with what you’ve got.
You don’t have to be nude all the time to be a nudist, either. Many nudists hold regular occupations and wear regular clothes when they “have to,” though they are constantly looking for opportunities to be naked and express themselves.
Picture titled Practise Nudism in Your Room Free Of One Understanding Measure 66
Get dressed. Unfortunately, you can not be nude in your room eternally. Whether you’re meeting friends at the movies or having a family dinner, it is time to put those clothes back on and to go out into the whole world. In the event you can’t bear to be walking around on all day with your clothes and really are beginning to feel confined doing this, then you can begin thinking about taking your nudism to the next degree.

Hello to all, this is my first post on this forum and it comes after my first visit to a clothing optional resort.

My first naked outside encounter occurred when I was probably 10. My cousins dared me to run around our grandma’s house naked. I took the dare and loved it. I’ve looked for opportunities to be naked outside ever since. Nevertheless, being raised in a traditional family and now married to an excellent girl who was also raised conservatively I haven’t had many opportunities.
I am nude round the house as much as really possible, but that is becoming restricted these days as our daughter is getting older and our old-fashioned breeding and notions of modesty are causing me to be clothed more around her. The cover up was causing me to go a little crazy though, I needed to be nude somewhere. I was doing stupid things, going naked in areas that if I was caught I could get in trouble.
All that said, the wife and kids were out of town this weekend, so I took the chance to visit a clothing optional resort nearby and try it out for a little while.
I had two primary issues going in, one of which had been calmed by reading other posts on this particular forum. I was afraid of acquiring an erection. Did not happen, not even close. My other concern, and men you will appreciate this, was that after swimming, exercise, or just being nervous my dick and testicles shrivel up and I feel like I look as a five year old. I was frightened that the anxiousness associated with my first encounter being naked freely would cause this to happen and I would be self concious about perceived size. A quick test of the situation about five minutes before I arrived supported that panic. I was apprehensive and so were the boys. Nonetheless, after a quick tour with all the owner and checking in for the day I was feeling fairly relaxed. Less worried about a first encounter and much more pleased with the opportunity to do something that I knew I wanted to do. Without nervousness or hesitation I parked the car and used it as my locker.

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With http://nudistwmv.com walking around both clothed and naked and stripped off right there and headed for the pool. And I’m happy to report the boys were hanging loose, so panic number two turned out to be http://b-boyz.com .
As for the visit itself, it was so so. I went alone, and while the folks were friendly and said hello, most kept to themselves. There was not much going on at the time. There were probably 30 to 40 folks around the pool and that was it. No one was in the lodge or hot tub, so the pool and lounge deck where the sole choices for socializing.
All in all is was a great experience. Like most who post about their very first time, my nervousness was gone very quickly. Now I simply need to convince my wife it is advisable for her to attempt it.

The bravest thing I ever did nude? Well how about one of the bravest….well, in fact it was more impulsive than courageous.

A number of years back I was living in northwest Houston,,, hot, humid, Houston. Every morning (around 5 AM) before going to work I would ride my bike for http://nudismnudist.com -30 minutes through the area. Usually I wore sneakers, a tshirt and short pants. Well this particular morning I donned my tennis shoes only – don’t ask me why. And Off I went into the daybreak.

The typical morning in our neighborhood at 5 AM was just a few autos with people finding their way to the highway to get to work. This one morning I approached a stop sign that I generally just drove through…generally no cars about. Well a few cars were coming so I needed to stop. And then a car pulled up next to beach young with three girls in the vehicle.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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They noticed my sneakers, etc and one of them lowered her window and said “fine sneakers” and they all laughed. I did also. So away I went but turned from my usual route to lesser traveled roads…and they followed. This went on for a few roads and I eventually ceased. We had a brief friendly exchange and through the laughter and quips I tempted them to bike with me the following morning. Again, we all had a good laugh. I never saw them again. It was quite comical, and certainly more intimidating than anything. I think my susceptibility were fairly apparent! But, to be honest, I wonder what I would have done had they shown up ready to bike with me. And yes, I did bike in the nude on numerous other occasions but only when it was a little dimmer than on this particular morning.

First Nude Beach

My first-time bare encounter was when I’d turned 23 and only moved to Monterey, CA for a new occupation. I was exploring the area before starting my job in a number of weeks, and also the preceding Saturday had discovered a nude beach along the Big Sur Coast and chose to go there the next week.

I arrived quite early in the early hours, made the half mile trek to the bare section and found a superb area about 20 yards down the shore from an older couple and a young gentleman who were already down there. I was VERY nervous and decided I’d take it step by step. I laid out my towel and removed all but my t shirt and boxer shorts and sat on my towel for a while trying to work up the nerve. In the meantime, more people started to populate the seashore and soon there was a gentleman about my age only fifteen feet away from me laying out bare reading a book.

Time passed and one hour at the shore and I still could not get up the nerve. Finally the man near me looks over at me, nods “hello” then asks me if I’d enjoy a cold beer. I accepted, and to my surprise he got up and dragged his towel and all his property right next to me, reached in his cooler, grabbed a couple beers then introduced himself and handed me a beer. One of the first things he said was “This is your first time at a nude beach, isn’t it?” I said yes and he instantly said there was no need to worry- no one was going to stare at me or do anything if I took off my shirt and boxers.

So, QUITE furtively off came my boxers but my shirt stayed on. He laughed and said “Now that was not so bad, was it?” I laughed and we continued to talk. Despite the fact that the boxers were now away, I was sitting up with my knees pulled tightly to my chest, arms wrapped around my legs. Eventually, I became more relaxed, stood up and took off my top then set back down, this time placing my legs out and leaning back, propped up on my elbows. Well, “it” occurred almost immediately and I quickly rolled over on my belly, simply to hear a little laugh and “Do Not stress- occurred to me my first time also” from my new-found friend.

Within a couple hours I was completely comfortable and was tossing around a frisbee, walking up and down the shore, and even got invited into a game of Scrabble by a nearby couple. Regrettably, the place where I worked in CA went out of business and I moved back to Michigan where nude beaches are non existent and anti-nudity laws are strictly enforced on public lands. I really wish there was a landed, private nude beach on Lake Michigan! I would be there every weekend!

-Mark P
Grand Haven, Michigan

My wife of 29 years died of cancer. She was raised severe Southern Baptist, so occasionally being nude at home was O.K., but she’d have never considered social nudity.

A year after she died, I tried various things to get back into the social landscape. Singles clubs were uncomfortable, so I began taking short weekend excursions to get out of the house.

Any of these trips found me near Panama City, Florida, about four hours from home. I’d seen the Baybares site, so out of interest I phoned and inquired if a single man would be accepted. When the pleasant sounding lady on the telephone welcomed me, I asked ways. The nerves grew as I discovered and moved along the sandy drive to the club. I almost turned around three times, however there clearly was no place to turn without getting stuck in the sand. Then I came to the cable across the road that indicated the club entrance where I was met by a cordial man wearing a towel around his midsection. He let me in, showed me where to park and requested me to sign in at the clubhouse.

The nervousness escalated exponentially as I parked and began the walk to the clubhouse. There, by the pool proved to be a beautiful girl sunning entirely nude. She flashed me a beautiful smile, introduced herself as Gloria and started to chat with me. I could not believe how relaxed she was, even though she was completely nude. Then I continued to sign in, pay my reasons fees, and be given a simple synopsis of the rules and etiquette of the club.

I returned to my car to undress. After taking a huge breath, I took off the last of my clothing. Then I turned around, in whole panic, but I was instantly met by a throng of naked people of all ages and body types welcoming me and encouraging me to play water volleyball and attend the potluck dinner that evening. They treated me like a long lost cousin who had returned home.

It was a amazing weekend, plus it supplied exactly the familiarity with friendly folks which I desired so urgently at that point of my own life. Gloria will never understand what a wonderful gift her smile and friendly dialogue was to a solitary stranger. It gave me the courage to go back to my car, undress, and begin the next phase of my own life as a nudist among a number of the friendliest, most welcoming people in the world.

I remarried a year after and my new wife came to comprehend how significant societal nudity was to me. After a year of marriage she graciously chose to participate too. She enjoys our excursions to Cypress Cove when we can get away a couple of times each year.

My only regret is that I waited so long to discover the wonderful experience of social nudism and how friendly people are at nudist clubs.

-Joe B.
Lower, Alabama
Nude at the beach

On Saturday, July 16th, I went to my first clothing-optional beach at Robert Moses State Park’s Lighthouse Beach. It was early and when I arrived, several people were already enjoying their nakedness. I looked around and slipped off my top & short pants and in an instant, standing nude and enjoying it. Nobody stared or gawked and for the next three hours I loved the independence of no clothes. My only regret is that I was alone & had nobody to share my experience with. Perhaps next time, I will have a guest join me

-Tony M
New York
The one thing that irritated me

My first nudist experience was when my wife and I went with friends to Cypress Cove in Florida. Having lived in Fla many years, I was use to miniature swim wear and extreme sun. So that http://shockingtown.com to no clothing and extreme sun was simple. That’s until I reached for my pocket knife in my pocket. I used to not have one! Pocket that is. In the clothed world going without my knife I felt naked. Now without both my pockets and knife I was in a quandary. Fortunately, I had a small satchel in my vehicle in which I could carry my wallet, knife, and reading material.

Once I had overcome my lack of pockets, the friendliness, ease, freedom, and openness at the resort made the weekend very gratifying. We have been back several times and I’m looking forward to our next trip there next week.

-Bob B
Clearwater, Florida
Real Freedom

Our first experience being socially nude was in 1998. We had as often as possible been naked privately at home for quite some time since the day we were married but we’d no notion what social nudism was about until we detected it online. Being born again believers in God, we still believed that nudism proved to be a right, good, and healthful lifestyle. After more online study we were convinced that accurate nudism wasn’t about sex and we scheduled a visit to Pine Tree Resort, in Crownsville, MD.

After driving through the gate one Saturday morning in June, the sight of so many naked people was at first surreal. We checked in at the office, and were presented to a nude host couple who’d give us a tour of the grounds. We undressed and toured the grounds. Individuals were swimming, playing tennis, grilling and just relaxing as at any given resort in a park-like setting. There was an indoor and an outdoor pool, a hot tub, a hiking trail, snack bar, gift shop, etc.

http://nudismpics.net was our first time swimming nude, and we’ve never worn a swimsuit since that day. As the male half of the couple I can say that there was no embarrassment with an erection that I ‘d prior concerns about. You will always have a towel as a backup just in case. We haven’t seen that become an issue for anyone. The most difficult part of that first day nude was having to get dressed for the trip back home.

We now visit White Tail Resort in Ivor, VA consistently, as it is our favourite nudist resort. The people are very friendly there. White Tail is a family oriented resort attended by folks of all ages. To be nude all weekend, and to awaken and walk outside bare in the morning and feel sunlight along with the atmosphere all over your naked body is pure bliss. We now holiday at nudist resorts nearly entirely.

Our other favored nudist resorts comprise Cedar Creek, Serendipity Park, Cypress Cove, and Lake Como. All these resorts are family oriented resorts and are recorded on the AANR site.

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We all know that we’re safer at a nudist resort than at a hotel. The relaxation at a nudist resort is beyond any other we have ever experienced. The practice of social nudism has been a lifesaver as a result of anxiety alleviation we love while bare.

One day nude around others loving life in this wholesome surroundings is similar to a week in a luxury clothed resort. For those who have not experienced social nudism then don’t deny yourself this experience. Nudism is a genuine escape from the uptight and pretentious textile society we live in. When we see folks of all ages playing sports, having a meal together or just relaxing nude among buddies, our only regret is that we did not begin this wonderful lifestyle earlier.

-Captain & Sweet

Several years ago, when I was just beginning to

investigate social nudism, http://picsnudists.com was travelling across the state for a meeting or something. My route took me very close to a nudist resort that I Had needed to see. So I called ahead and arranged for http://videoamateurgratuit.net . I pulled off the main highway, and down http://rohii.com . I wasn’t wearing much to start with, and pulled off the rest about half way down the small road. Eventually I reached the entrance, and pulled in to a parking space in front of the office.

Since this was a nudist resort, I saw no need for clothes, and got out of the vehicle, and walked into the office entirely bare. I walked in to locate the man behind the desk was clothed, together with the two couples in line ahead of me. I felt truly NEKKID! He concluded with the first couple and we grinned at each other as they departed. The guy asked if I was the one there for young nudist pictures . He said there would be someone here shortly. I was a bit nervous, but no one seemed to care that I was nude.

A few minutes later, I heard something outside the doorway, and turned to look. In walked a family of five.

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Husband and wife, with their three kids two boys and also a girl that were between 18 and 16. All five of them were entirely bare and barefoot just like me. It made me feel a good deal better. My tour guide showed up shortly after that, and we were gone.

It was a strange encounter, but I remember it well.

I’d wanted for quite a long time to visit a nude beach

and finally made it about 7 years ago. We’d been to topless beaches in Australia and I liked seeing my wife expose her breasts. Although she was reluctant at first, http://antinude.com got used to it and liked going topless.
Now I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist. I frequently have nightmares w here I’m entirely naked in some public place and trying to conceal myself. I wanted to visit a nude beach since I thought it’d be interesting to see my wife naked in public and so we could see other nude people.
In 2001 we toured Florida and stayed for a few nights in a motel in north Miami Beach. We soon learned there was a nude section of beach within walking distance so we went the next day. I thought my wife would just go topless so I was a bit surprised when she ******** completely naked. I did also, and was http://peenudist.com surprised that I loved it. My wife was a little shy and never left our blanket, but after a while I went for a walk, and didnt feel self-conscious.
There were way more guys than women at the beach so my wife had more to look at than I.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Many of the guys were homosexual so that they probably didnt get a cost from looking at my wife, but there were many male/female couples too. Of course I liked looking at the women, but I think my highlight was when I made eye contact using a woman who had been looking at me. That’s good for young nudist pics !
I just put a photograph of me on that shore in a private record that only my EP friends can see. At the moment I have only one friend on EP; will this get me more?

First one I tried was the Therma Europa Centre in the heart of Berlin.

http://nudistsnude.com was 18Euro for a total day pass, which is good value I think. I went on a Saturday and stayed for about 8 hours. The changing rooms are seperate for male and females. In the main complex there’s a swimming pool, 4 saunas, 2 steam rooms, hot and cold spas, plus a pub and eatery. Plus there is also regions outside where it is possible to swim and relax. The clientelle actually is pretty much 50/50 males and females, and of all ages. Girl come here either by theirselves, with buddies, or with partners – unlike the united kingdom where a large proportion of girls who visit are with a partner. Everyone who goes in the sauna or steam room is fully bare(unlike these UK places where most folks keep themselves wrapped in a towel) and a lot of folks just walk about the sophisticated naked(though in the restaurant and bar place you have to wear a bath robe). And also unlike these UK places, there’s no perving or “swinging” going on. http://nudebeachpicture.net is here because they love utilizing the sauna, hot tub, and swimming pool.

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I truly appreciated my time there. This is actually the sort of place I Have been looking for a lengthy time. It was very busy on the day that I went.

Then on the day that I returned back to the UK I had a little bit of http://nudist-young.com/nude-beach.html to spare, so I went along to the Sauna Garten in Blub, at Buschkrugallee 64. Was not that easy to locate the real area itself. I needed to enter the Hotel reception and ask, who directed me to the different side of the car park. Then I couldn’t see it easily, because there was no clear signs at the entry to say that this was a sauna complex, there was simply a sign(can’t remember what it said) to suggest that this was the entrance to a pub. Anyhow, ventured in and found that this was really the sauna. The price was 18Euro for up to 4 hours, or 20Euro for a day pass. As I only had just over 2 hours to spare nonetheless, I went for the 4 hours alternative. All very pleasant inside. The changing room is unisex. Afterward in the key area there is 6 saunas, and 2 steam rooms – all of changing temperatures and fashions. Plus there is a small swimming pool, sanatariam, and relaxation area. Again, everyone naked in the sauna and steam rooms – none of this daft towel wearing business. Many of folks walk round the intricate nude. Did not appear to be quite as balanced a mix of sexes here though(on this occasion anyway), maybe about 62% males/38% females at my rough estimate. I went on a Tuesday afternoon between 3 and 5pm. There was probably only about 30 people here at that point. I anticipate it would have got a little more active later that evening after I had gone. I was unhappy to need to leave the area! As with the Therma Europa Centre, I found this sauna completely brilliant. And I’d visit again if/when I am next in Berlin.

If only they had places in this way in England. It’d be fantastic to see one each week to relax naked. Instead all we get here(apart from the UK festival saunas which are highly recommended) are these pathetic seedy “naturist health Spas” which are controlled by perverts and swingers(due to the inclusion of http://kazyz.com ), plus a mostly male clientelle. Never ever again will I pay to see those areas again – The price I pay(paid) for those(?15 for Bristol Gardens, ?18 for Rio’s) will pay for half the price of a return plane ticket to Berlin! I paid only ?35 for my flight to Berlin from London Stansted.

I anticipate returning to Berlin or elsewhere in Germany later this year, and spending a day or two nude at one of these excellent sauna complexes again.

German Saunas = certainly brilliant!!

UK Saunas = certainly rubbish