I was newly married and living on the east coast not too far from the beaches.

My wife (at the time), was a dark haired Italian who could lie out in the sun and tan all day. I’m fair haired and nordic and may get a sunburn in the fog. Evidently, she loved going to the seashore, and I did not. I’d go to make her happy, but didn’t truly appreciate it, but I did enjoy looking at the lovely women. Nevertheless, enough was enough and even the bikini babes didn’t make it worth while. One day I was talking to my downstairs neighbor and he told me of a popular nude beach just a 45 minute drive away. Hmmm. The sex at home was OK, but it might always be better. My fantasies were running crazy, though I had a wife who was babealicious. We’d different days away, so I decided to drive out to the nude beach on my first chance. Not desiring to be found out, I slathered SPF 5000 all over my body before getting in the vehicle.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

My neighbors directions were right on. I drove to the proper parking lot in the National Park and started walking in the direction of the alleged nude beach. In several minutes I began to see a smattering of naked folks, and then immediately ended up in a veritable amusement park of nudity. Now all kinds of people will let you know how the nudity is no big deal and that they go to these shores for the “awareness of freedom”. They may be telling the truth, but for me, its a resort area of eye candy.
For the very first time in my life I saw it all. Fat, slender, saggy, perky, shaved, bushy, cellulite, smooth, Brunettes, Blonds, Black women, Asians,cut, uncut, proud, and bashful. I was in heaven and I had only been there for 10 minutes. I staked out my spot of sand and pretended to read a novel. Luckily, I’d jerked off so much in anticipation of the visit that I did not get a hardon. However, I saw at least one man which was proudly marching along the seashore with a raging boner. The following day I went back. I ‘d masturbation memories to last a life just from those two visits.
A few weeks later my wife suggested that we visit the shore. I explained to her that because I burn so easily that it really had to be worth my while to go out into the sun, but that I would be prepared to attend a nude beach. This did not go over well, especially when I mentioned that I was to the nude beach 3 times in the last two weeks. She eventually understood that I was serious, but she would only go to a nudist place where there was little, if no, chance that anyone that she knew would see her.
I did my research and located a spot called Goodland Country Club in western New Jersey. It was in the woods and had a big pool, sauna, http://videonudism.com/voyeur/jung-frei-nudist.php , snack bar, etc., and they permitted day visitors. We drove out there on our next common day off. Checking in was done by a clothed gentleman. As soon as we got to the parking lot nonetheless, most folks were bare. I started to strip down as soon as I got out of the car. Joan was somewhat timid, but as soon as I described that she’d attract more focus clothed than bare, she too stripped down. Joan had dark and curly long hair, a healthy body, small breasts with big nipples, and also a neatly trimmed spot.
We quickly found some free lounge chairs and staked out our little patch of grassy heaven. With this time I had become fairly adept at pretending I was reading, or asleep, as I loved the ever changing scenery. Of course I needed to walk around alot, particularly whenever I needed to have a look at a woman who needed further unobtrusive recognition. It was on this day that I decided that the normally “perfect” girls were actually drilling, when you take their clothes off they all seem the same. I started to realize that in my eyes the beauty was in the woman who had a slight sag here, or a tuck or wrinkle there.
Some of my fondest memories was watching a middle aged girl read a Playgirl magazine as she instinctively swung open and closed her legs continuously. A young lady in the open shower was being soaped up by her partner who had a tremendous hardon that she pretended not to see. Another woman who had a cottage went up to talk to a hung black gentleman as soon as he arrived at the pool. They went and disppeared into her cabin within minutes of her presenting herself to him. A fine young woman was sitting with her legs crossed as she spoke with another lady. As I walked by them I could see her pussy lips certainly open and moist.
It was all way an excessive amount.
I went into the restroom and fast jerked off. That settled me down until I saw the blonde with the saggy tits and perfecly shaved pussy lips. She was sitting not to much from us and would unconsciously rub her arms across her nipples every few minutes (I later had a girlfriend who’ http://x-public.com do the very same thing when she was horny as hell [she was always horny]). I encouraged my wife for a walk in the woods. We’d not gone more than a hundred yards or so on the trail when I leaned her up against a tree and deeply kissed her.
Wow! She was steaming hot. I got an immediate hardon and she was already so drenched that it slid in easily. I fucked her standing up, against a tree, in the middle of a trail. Anyone could have walked up on us, and possibly did. We were to busy to see.
From then on we just went to this place, sometimes four weekends in a month. We consistently rented a cabin, and we consistently screwed at least three times a day. It has provided years of wondeful memories.

Well yesterday I finally had the opportunity to bare the nat- ural, and walk into the sun. To swim carefree in this world. in para- dice.

The beaches in the sun. The feeling of the atmosphere on my body along with the coolness of the clear clean salt waters of the carabean ocean were beyond words. to walk in the most natural and free manner possible, like nude beach pictures was meant to be be. Without a soul to attention. their were hundreds others approximately
However they also were swimming carefree in this amazing location, watching schools of fish swim by, and talking to every other like they were best friends. Others were outside walking on the fine white sands of the shore. We were speaking and unashamed, floating and swimming easily in the beautiful blue waters of the bay, the sun warming us with its extreme life giving rays from above. Gone were the difficulties I’ve had in the past with a swimsuit filling up with air and sand and binding in the worst possible of ways. It was amazing not to have to sit down in a soggy swimsuit for a change. Walking down the beach could not have been simpler because even though we all looked a little different, we were all actually the same, without any racial, social or sexual obstacles to beat.
My wife on the other hand was a bit uncomfortable to say the least. Inside my heart I know she would have loved it if she’d have attempted it, but there were too many problems for her to overcome before she could vindicate losing her body armor.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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In case you like you could blame it on age, you can attribute it on her self image. You could say it is the taboos someone has drilled into her head for a long time, that the body is poor, and seeing it is a sin,or something. ( I really don’t actually know everywhere that this is backed up by facts!)
You could say she is a little set in her manners or a little hard headed. You could say she only believed bare was indecent and lewd, and consistently sexual in content. I must confess I believe it is a shame that 90% of the worlds people are driven by these same miss guided principles. I guess I’m blessed to join the 10% or so who may be slightly more open to these not so new ideas.
The Natural One

I Met My Future Husband on a Nude Beach It all started when I went to spend my vacations in Bulgaria with my friend Emily

and http://nudiststeen.com . It was the third year running that we spent our holidays in Nesebre and that year we made a decision to continue with this particular well established convention.
We put up in a modest but cozy resort and that very day we were all prepared to enjoy the beachfront air and sunshine. The days were flying quickly as it is the common manner the days pass when one is having vacations and one of these days we made a decision to alter the usual way in which we were spending our time, so we hit it off and made it to the nude beach in which Nesebr was quite plentiful. Here I ought to say that we intended seeing one of the nude beaches of Nesebr before actually going there. The fact was that we’d seen some of them during our previous stays in Bulgaria before. Plus back at home we saw a TV reportage about nudists which made us steadfastly choose sunbathing nude during our next holiday. Back then this experience seemed something as exotic as a hang glider tour or parachute jump for us. But it occurred so that my friend Emily and I were the ones to put forward the notion and Bill was the one to put up with our whims, so it was barely an enjoyable experience for him.
And so we went to the nude beach, Emily, Bill who was still sulky, and me, all excited to impress all the naked beachers with my feeling at ease while sunbathing naked and trusting that my body was also rather impressive. When we eventually got to the shore of one of the hotels we saw many German people who are known buffs of bare beaching and suddenly felt something like retarded cowardice. Of course we didn’t feel like individuals there were dangerous in some way, but we clearly felt that the pangs of conscience and chastity restraints were still strong in us. All in all, dreaming of a nude beach by means of your friend while sipping coffee in her kitchen was one thing, as well as the closing getting to this very beach was quite another. And the very instant when we were ready to turn our backs on the beach Bill called us faint hearted cowards which excited the flow of feministic fluids in us that made us ten times more daring and ascertained.
When we eventually chose a rather deserted spot on the beach and stripped to the skin this provoker Bill was the one to wear swimming trunks. The very first half an hour we were still under belief of our own nerve, but having detected that if our action of braveness hadn’t passed unnoticed it had certainly been underestimated, we decided to turn to something more provocative. There was a group of beachers playing volleyball at a space, and soon we chose to join them. Bill who was certainly the laziest member of our business was left behind. Maybe I should mention that it was my first-time-ever volleyball play, and even when I managed to hit the ball it followed such strange trajectories the only face I felt worth wearing was that of an A-class volleyball player who’d little disposition to minding the evaluation of such lame volleyball amateurs. We’d been enjoying our efforts to dodge the ball by jumping and stamping the sand for some quarter of an hour before I tool Emily aside to share the beliefs.
Emily was flushed and wore a bright grin on her face; she’d managed to share her emotions about the hole experience by http://rudenudist.net was about to express my solidarity with her, but the following instant I felt something hit me quite painfully on the back part of my head; after that the notion which had almost formed itself in my thoughts had gone somewhat confused and obscured and somehow lost its topicality. It was a ball inadvertently tossed by a volleyball player that hit me on the back of my thinking head. All in all, I wasn’t put in much pain and had it not been for the singularity of the situation I ‘d have laughed at it. But the scenario was way too unusual, so I thought the better of it and made a thoroughly theatrical scene out of it. I rolled up my eyes and leaned on my friend for everybody to see that I was enduring the heaviest anguish that threatened to further develop into a loss of consciousness. I was undoubtedly a success while playing my job of an innocent sufferer as my friend suggested me sitting down, beckoning Bill at precisely the same time. However, the culprit of the inadvertent collision of the ball and my styled hair was the first to arrive. I should say that the terrorist seemed fairly appealing even to my rather fine taste.
He must have thought that we were from the States by Emily’s animated exclamations he tried to smooth the situation around in his broken English striving now to say he was sorry and now to tell some embarrassing jokes. In a word, the first favorable impression he made on me was now backed by his humiliation and I began revealing the first weak hints of life. As we very soon got to know, Gunter, the young man who was our new friend, talked English a bit for he worked in NYC in one of his firm’s affiliates. He was feeling quite awkward with the whole scenario really, and after several formalities proper in such instances he left the scene, all in sackcloth and ashes after he heard that I was perfectly safe.
After this accident the events developed in accordance using a scenario of a happy vacation time love affair. In the morning I found a bouquet of flowers on the windowsill of my hotel room and then… but this is quite another story that has little to do with nudism.

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The sole drawback of this story is that now when our friends ask us where we first met we need to say something laconic like – well, we met on the seashore. After all, who wants those zesty details?

My First Nudist Experience

I went to a beach resort in Montego Bay with two of my girl friends. To go we have to buy a pass which gives you access to all the water sports, tennis and food.A male, I was in the organization of two of my girl friends who worked with me. We played tennis and then had a swim and couple of drinks. One of my friends and I kept walking towards the end of the beach and there was a sign “clothing-optional.” My pal told the other girl, “Let Us go,” and she said she would join as soon as she finished her bites.

My pal, as she was from beach nude girls , instantly took her clothing away and requested me to do the same. I was shocked for a moment and told her that I’ve never done this before and was not comfortable. So she gave me the space to be be cozy.

There were many other nudist couples and groups, additionally few families. I was the only one with clothes on. So I made the decision to take a daring step. I went in the water with my pal and took my swim pants off. The sensation of being without clothes felt amazing.

My buddy came out of the water but again my actual task was to come out naked out of the water and in front of everyone. Finally, I took a courageous step and came out and my buddy waved her hands toward me and said, “Great job. Finally you did it.”

The couple next to us and other family welcomed me to the family. No one laughed and I felt more comfortable. As soon as the breeze tickled my body, it made me feel fantastic.

In a few minutes our other friend came and congratulated me for becoming a nudist. The three of us spent lots of time on the beach nude and did many nudist activities: swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, etc. Every time now we go to Jamaica we go to the nude beach.

Once our boat went to St. Martinand we went to Orient Beach and spent an awesome time there. A couple more buddies have joined us.

Young Nudist

Nude swim began at 8 years of age. I was at a youth centre, we went to a lake, I really had no suit like other boys, so staff said go in naked, and I’ve loved it since 1973. I’m still a nudist at age 46 years young.

-Robert F.L.
Skowhegan, Maine
New to Nudism

My wife and I went on a cruse to the Caribbean in 2007. While there our tour took us to a shore. It was a nude beach and being bashful as shy could be, I left my trunks on. I believed my wife was bashful too, but not as much as I thought. She could not get nude fast enough with the attitude that no one would ever see us again, or even attention. So, I tried it too. We both believed the same weight lift off our shoulders as is often described and found ourselves looking for other nude beaches on our trip.

This continued after we got back home. We additionally found San Onofre and then Glen Eden and others. I wish we experienced this 30 years ago. It is hard to describe just how eye-opening and clear life becomes. Largely we have met great people and have begun to live life again.

My favorite storyline!

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

: So our kids (one son and one daughter) weren’t so pleased with our new recreational activities, going as far as endangering us to never see our grandkids. They wanted us checked out for mental issues. So as we meet with a Dr. Shrink in Santa Ana, one our son lined up, we found out he is a life nudist, raised in this environment and has vacationed at nudist resorts in Vermont. His wife was very nudist as she’d seldom wear clothing at all. Our kids were so shocked! They were not quite pleased again.

They’ve arrived at the seashore and a resort with us and carefully checked out who was there and how they responded to other nudists. Our children have since become devotees too; simply very amusing to us.

-Myron S.
Long Beach, California
First Time once I was Young

My parents have been nudist for years and the first time they took me was when I was 11. We’d just moved to Austin and we went to the Hippy Hole place by the lake. As soon as we got there, we saw tons of people — young and old — sunning and swimming bare. We were nude all the time in my house. I had simply never seen http://nudism.name . My parents removed their clothes and set up a towel close to the water. Then they said I really could stay dressed if I needed. Not wanting to be left out, I took my clothes off too. The clean air felt amazing on my bare skin. We spent a few hours there swimming and talking to individuals. There were other kids my age too and I spent time with two guys and also a lady who was 12. They told me their families were coming there for years. I had an excellent time. My parents and I went back every chance we got. We also got to know other families and spent time with them at our dwellings, naked of course. We’d show up, take off our clothing, and do whatever people do at dinner parties and BBQs. I now do that with my lovely wife and children.

Houston, Texas
Saved our union

Ten years ago my wife and I were in a recession in our marriage. We were both 40 and needed something to shake it up. A buddy of mine suggested we see a nudist camp near our town. I thought it seemed like fun and suggested it to my wife. She was reluctant initially but figured why not? So we reserved a cottage and visited on Sat morning. I don’t have any problem being nude in front of people, but my wife is QUITE self-conscious. We checked into our cabin and proposed we go sit by the pool. I undressed but it took my wife half an hour to work up the nerve. Finally, she did. She wrapped a towel around herself and we left the cottage. I just taken my towel at my side and appreciated the clean air as we walked to the pool. I almost laughed at my wife’s absolute nervousness as we passed a couple of nude people. They were all friendly and said hi but she never looked at them. She just hung her head down. When we got to the pool, there were just five individuals: Three men and two women. My partner and I sat on the loungers and she kept her towel on. It took another 30 minutes before my wife finally removed her towel and sat absolutely nude. I thought she looked so stunning sitting there without anything on. Nearly as soon as she was naked, a couple walked around. I really could tell my wife desired to catch the towel and cover herself, but she did not. I was proud of her. We spoke to them for about an hour and after awhile I really could tell my wife was more relaxed with her state of undress. In fact she even got up and walked around with the other woman to get a drink in the snack bar. It was so surreal seeing her nude walking in a public setting like that. It was also as if I were seeing her for the very first time through other people’s eyes. After when we returned to our cabin, we had the best time we’ve had in years. Since that time, we’re regular visitors to that camp and even spend our time at home nude. Becoming a nudist saved our union.

-Jack King

First Time Encounter

This might seem a bit odd, but I first got interested in nudism once I was about ten years old. I read the Adam & Eve story and wondered what it’d be like to be naked outside. So I went out to a patch of woods near our house and took off my clothes.

It felt great with the sunlight and air on my bare body. I was hooked from then on.I still go for walks in the woods for a naked hike.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I began going to a nudist camp in southwest PA called White Thorn Lodge. I’m intending to join WhiteThorn Lodge this year.

I additionally have being to Avalon Resort in WV.They have a naked bike show there in the summertime. It is always a great time.

-Bob H.
Mannington, West Virginia
Fearful, But For What?

Every summer from my late 20s to 30s I would go to the office of Goodland in Hackettstown, NJ and ask all sorts of inquiries and chicken out and go home. Eventually the year that I turned 40 I got brave enough to truly enter the gate and discover what I was missing.

as soon as I disrobed in the parking lot I felt completely relaxed. This really is the first time which I went into the pool and allow the suns rays dry me and felt the wind softly caress my whole body. The feeling was quite refreshing.

Now I go to Rock Lodge with my fiance. Rock Lodge was her first experience. At Rock Lodge I experienced two firsts. It was the first time which I walked in the rain bare and I also had the chance to drive my car that way too. We find the folks there to be very friendly and we feel really relaxed there.

What I was afraid of I will never know but I am happy I took that first step several years back.

-Jim A.
New Jersey
Proud To Be an Advocate

Having been exposed to nudist magazines as a young child, I included the joy of being bare. It was not until I went off to school that I was able to really join a club in Spokane, WA. What a delight having the ability to be with other like-minded people of all ages. Upon moving to Seattle I had the chance to join another club in which I attended monthly swims.

While I’m rather remote from the west side clubs and resorts here in Oregon, I more than ever committed to the nudist lifestyle and promote it every chance I get with family and friends. I can’t think of a better way to spend time home or when the weather is nice outside. Once you’ve tried it, you will never look back.

-Rod N.
Pendleton,, Oregon
How My Wife Became a Nudist

I met my wife in 1961. We were married in 1963. I was hired by TWA in 1966. I selected San Francisco as my domicile. When we moved to California, we lived with Sharon’s mother until we located an apartment. We were hired to manage the building we lived in.

About 1968 we were listening to a radio show. The subject of the show was free beaches. I understood what they were but Sharon did not have a clue. I ‘d not brought up nudism with her since I had a bad experience with a past girlfriend I tried to introduce to nudism.

Sharon requested (in a kidding manner,)”you would like to check that out, do not you?”

http://picsnudism.com said, “Sure!” She said not without her! I mentioned, “Fantastic!, let’s do it!” The following week the show had individuals from nudist resorts talking about national nude weekend.

The host asked why folks would go to a resort and pay ground fees when they could go to the free beaches. They gave several great reasons. Sharon said the resorts sounded better and if we go we’ll go there. I asked her if she wanted to really go to Santa Cruz. We put on suits, short pants and tshirts. On the way I pulled off to a side road. Sharon inquired where I was going; I said it was a surprise. When I pulled in to a drive, she inquired again.

I told her it was a place we heard about on the radio. She was uneasy. I said since we were here let us take the tour, that we didn’t have to stay. We took the tour, the guide said if we needed to stay drive in, take our clothes off and love! I managed to talk her into remaining a half hour.

She inquired if we needed to get bare right away. She said no, get cozy, than get nude. We drove in, I got bare, but Sharon didn’t right away. It took her no time to take all her clothes off. She said she felt out of place with her clothing on.

We were nudists until she got cancer. Sharon passed away 9/11/2001. Not a good day! I restarted nudism after her death.

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada
My First Naked Experience

It absolutely was May 1960, I was a student at U of Ill.in Champaign. I had been reading nudist magazines since I was in high school, beginning about 1950. At first I looked at http://sexcam4.net , but after getting bored I began to read the magazines. I determined that someday I’d want to be a nudist.

I joined the Air Force after I graduated from high school. I continued to purchase magazines while in the A.F. but at that time the law sometimes raided the nudist camps so I never attempted to go. I was now free to go and I was in comfortable driving distance to a nudist camp, Zoro Nature Park.

I drove to the camp. as soon as I arrived the lady in the gate inquired if I had written to get permission to go to. I said no. She called the owner, Alois Knapp. He came to the gate, asked me if I was a nudist and how I understood about Zoro. I told him I ‘d been reading nudist magazines for many years and wanted to be a nudist.

He let me go in the camp for the day but asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said yes, but she was at school in Rock Island, Ill. He said to bring her next time I came. I said I would try. Following the spring session was over we both went home and resumed relationship. In around three weeks I requested Josie to go with me to this camp I’d seen in Indiana. I told her it proved to be a real fine area, the people were pleasant and friendly, there was a pond to swim in, volleyball courts, etc. I said I believed she would love it.

She asked me what was this “nature park.” I told her there were trails through the woods. She kept asking to find out more and I finally told her we could go skinny-dipping in the pond. When she heard that she inquired if this place was a nudist colony.

In those days there was no Internet for info so I ‘d nothing to direct me to explain nudism to her. She called me a pervert, smacked my face and broke our relationship. Gee, I wish I’d known the way to describe nudism to her before asking her to join me for that trip to Zoro!

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada

I used to sneak out of my house nude (we were fortunate and had a huge back yard

that was fairly protected) and merely lie in the hammock. That likely started when I was 11 or so.

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First in public was two years back in Croatia, Istria, with my family. My parents have always been naturists (as far as I know), but I never had the guts (like if they had friends over for the hot tub or whatever, I’d simply stay indoors and play video games.) But like a lot of other folks have said, when you are in a real naturist spot, as well as the women are looking at you like you’re a freak because you’ve your suit on, it gets easier.
After about three hours or so I totally forgot I was bare and nearly forgot to dress before I crossed the gate back to the clothed side of the campground. I really like the feeling and despite being a teen boy who ADORES girls, its never been sexual. Which surprised me, cause the entire day when my parents told us we’d be “going through the gate” if we wanted I was like “bring it on” but then when we got there I was like, alright we’re in this together and if I get lucky she will arrive at the campfire tonight lol and honestly, actually did not actually think about the fact we were both nude. (Hi Allison! lol )
I am aware I am babbling but I just would love for Americans to get past this crazy hangup and learn to enjoy nature and the feeling of being free. I know for a fact that three girls in my personal class in school study naked (truth in truth or dare) but two of them think a nude beach is sinful. And there are guys on my soccer team who’ve never showered in a gym lockerroom because they are overly bashful.
free nude beach , get a life. Individuals are going to make fun of you because of how you act, not how you look nude.

In the last couple of years I’ve become an activist for nudism in our region and

thought I’d share some stories about how we go about it. Now I have a girlfriend who joins me in promoting beach milf as well as the lifestyle.

It appears some places like Boulder Colorado are going backwards instead of forward and this worries me as it may take up a trend in other cities as these things generally do. I am 300 miles away on the other side of the state, perhaps thankfully, but I expect a movement will grow to rescind these laws and to train individuals concerning the real nature of uncomplicated social nudism. We as a community need to encourage a better image of nudity along with the nudist lifestyle.

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Just for instance, here’s what we’re doing. I started a nudist group here in Colorado called the Grand Junction Naturists,(www.gjnaturists.com) and we do things like we hosted a World Naked Gardening Day within our house this year and we invited the media to cover the event if they agreed to present it in a positive light. We made the front page of the local newspaper and were on TV 4 times and all of it was quite favorable. Next year we plan on hosting it again and again inviting the media to cover it, plus we hope to begin some safe advertising to grow our group and offer free information for people who need to learn about our lifestyle. Our site has an adequate number of informative material on it already and we intend to add more including a printable version so they can share it with others in a printed form.

This year my GF and I decided we no longer cared who knows we’re nudists, including her company and fellow co-workers, as well as family, and guess what? We’ve had nearly no negative reactions. Some were a little shocked and said they could never do that, but most were curious about why we do it which opens up to the door for all of us to be ambassadors for the lifestyle and to try and support them to get over their negative body issues.

And it’s working, slowly, a little at a time, but we are having an effect. Here’s some examples. One buddy of ours is really hefty set and was quite self conscious of her body and said she could never go nude around others. Well over the course of perhaps 8 months I gave her reasons why she shouldn’t be embarrassed about her body and only slowly let her know about the nudist worth and way of life. Finally one day she went to a private commercial hot springs with us and surprised us all by dropping her robe with nothing on. Since then she’s much more comfortable being http://rudenudist.com around others and in talking about it.

I thought I’d share my newbie first experience, only had it this weekend in fact!

I really like being bare, and have been interested in trying it in a social setting for some time.
My uncle I’d like to use his place at the Delaware shore over Thanksgiving (freezing cold, but it is a nice get away, and not crowded this time of year), so me and 3 friends headed down late Thanksgiving night. The following morning the other 3 were up before I was, and they were in the kitchen, making breakfast, having java. I sleep nude, and was going to put something on to go down and join them. Then nude beach images thought about all of the stories I’ve read on here, about only “going for it” and attempting nudism. So I thought, what the heck? They are my guests, they are my buddies, why don’t you simply go in there as I am?

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I walked in, and got many gasps and chuckles from my buddies. I simply told them that I sleep nude, I was going to go take a shower anyway, so why put something on only to subsequently take it right back off? I did include that if they were uncomfortable, I could put something on. All 3 said they did not care, but they were still a but taken back. A brief discussion then ensued about sleep naked, and all 3 admitted they slept in the nude some times as well. One of my friends even confessed that she and her boyfriend had once gone to a nude beach in the Exubas. That sort of cut the tension, as well as the consensus was that me being bare was no big deal if that was how I was comfy. It felt so good to only be there, in a natural state, and to be accepted and not have to be worried about covering up.
Later that day (which was yesterday), We decided to get in the hot tub. I said I was going in nude, the others could do as they pleased. My one buddy who had been to a nude beach decided she would go in bare as well, the other two wore suits. After about 20 minutes, they each got topless, and about 20 minutes after that, lost the bottoms too. The whole rest of the evening, we all remained bare – made dinner, watched some movies, simply had fun. It felt so great to simply drop the restrictions that beach bum give, and merely have relax with friends. It made the entire night a whole lot more gratifying for all. I can easily say all 4 of us are hooked.
This morning we had to leave, but we all agreed we were planning to get into the nudist lifestyle more. Who understands how this will go (i.e. where we will do it, do we bring in b/f’s, etc.), but I could not be happier!
So that’s my story – maybe a little lame for you all, but I was simply dying to share it with someone, so I decided all of you folks to share with
Peace and Hugs,

I suppose my introduction to nudism was at my boyfriend’s house back in the 90’s..

We went naked collectively whenever his mother was not home. Taking nudity out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, the living room, or even his backyard for some sunbathing proved to be a new experience for me, and one that I really loved.

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At that time I still lived with my parents and can remember coming home one day to discover the house empty and instantly taking off my clothes to see what a “solo” naked encounter was like. I appreciated that too, and soon was going in private bare in my room even when family was home. Once, my older brother came in and stood there grinning at me as I was laying naked on my bed reading a novel. He said, “What are you, some kind of nudist?” I think http://partnerpost.net said something refined like, “Get out, jerk!” but afterward was pleased to think to myself that I probably was becoming a nudist.
When I got my very own apartment, I could eventually go naked as much as I pleased, which was pretty much always. I met a fresh guy who took me to a nude beach, and that opened up an entirely new world to me. Years later I became a life model and actually got paid to be bare which was another enjoyable encounter.
After http://nudismpictures.net love being naked daily and hope that never changes. When they ever put me in the old people home, I can only expect it is a clothes-optional one. I believe I’d be miserable otherwise
Life is best lived simple

I dont’t know if I was courageous ot did not desire the day to

end but several years back while seeing A nudist club in North Georgia which I was a member I had stayed till the sun had gone down, I headed down the hill and was getting my clothes from the back of my van and stopped,I relized I still did’t want the day to end and threw my clothing back into the van and got behind the steering wheel nude and headed for the gate. I made it to the key highway when I relized I was still naked and had sixty miles to go and had to pass through three towns and several red lights before I was home. I rolled down my windows and appreciated the summer breeze,passing through the first town and than reaching the second town was easy until I stopped for the red light I looked back and saw the police car also joining me at the light,the light changed and I was again on my way, http://wnude.com/nudist-teens.html but it didn’t continue especially after the police car turned after a couple streets.

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Shortly I arrived in my drive where I left my van retrived my unused clothing and headed inside hoping not to shock the neighbors what a hurry how alive I felt. http://cutenudist.com done that once and I do not know why I did’nt do it more commonly.maybe shortly !
Being a real nudist weather at a nudist beach or club or even at home will keep you youthful and living,it doesn’t matter weather you are young or old skinny or fat tall or short love yourself be bare be naked be living….