OMG I cannot believe I finally did it. After many years of me being a home nudist

, I finally had the guts to share my lifestyle with some buddies of mine. Last night, my next door neighbors invited my lovely wife and i over at 10pm for a small impromptu get together. We’ve been neighbors for 2 years now but never had a sit down and get to know you session so we decided to do only that. It was amazing. Merely sitting around shooting the breeze and getting to know each other just a little better. During our discussion, my wife brings up the undeniable fact that I’m really going to be doing the Fremont summer solstice bike ride this year. It was a good approach to break the ice about my feelings towards nudity. We’ve got a hot tub that can been seen by the neighbor’s back window should they look hard enough and I’ve always been stressed that they may be offended if they were to ever look out the window and see me sitting in my bath nude (which I do on a daily basis). So during our discussions, I ask them when they’re offended by nudity and when they’ve some problems with me being nude in my back yard. They were totally cool with it and told have never found me.
Long story short, we decide to transfer our get together to the hot tub. We joked around about whether or not I ‘d wear a suit and from our chat i got the belief that they would be totally fine if i didnt. So i took the first step and went o-natural. It was excellent and they were totally ok with it. did nothing to push them into doing it and I was the only one who chose to do that. I can’t believe I really took that step and was accepted for who I ‘m. We had an excellent experience and developed some new pals.
If this occasion has taught me anything, it’s educated me that I can be accepted for who I decide to be and that there are people around who might not decide to live the nudist lifestyle but are willing to accept those who do. What a great time and excellent experience.

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