I was raised in a quite traditional Jewish background. We were assumed to dress modestly

at all times. I never thought of going nude in http://ournudism.com/young-nudist-photos.html , much less in public.
I only wanted to put on my nightie and get into bed.
I wasn’t sweaty anymore, but I was exhausted. I just collapsed on the bed, too tired to even notice that I hadn’t bothered to put anything on.
as soon as I woke up, I was a bit surprised to see that I ‘d not only had I slept naked the entire night, but it was the best night’s sleep I ever had. The following night, I was not so exhausted–but I couldn’t quit thinking about how great it felt to sleep bare. So I decided to try it on purpose this time.
I got into bed naked, plus it felt quite great.
From there, it was a relatively brief time till I was usually nude when home alone, because it felt so good. However, the relaxation outweighed the guilt.
However, the idea of letting other girls see me naked in public–much less men!– never crossed my mind. Being a Californian, from the greater LA area, I had discovered of nude beaches. But I ‘d no urge to visit one.
Being a great Californian though, I did spend lots of spare time on the shore in http://beachnymphs.com –always wearing a bathing suit, obviously. And one day, while I was shifting out of my wet and sandy bathing suit, I began to consider how good it felt to take it off. And the more I thought about it, the more I began to ponder the prospect of skinnydipping.
One really hot Sunday in August, I made a brave choice: I was going to learn if I had the nerve to beat my straitlaced breeding. I got into my car and drove south to San Diego, and parked at the cliff over Black’s Beach. For nearly 20 minutes, I sat in the car, attempting to work up enough nerve to make the climb down to a place where I knew I would see nude women and men. I nearly did not go.
But as I began to turn the key to drive away, I really couldn’t do it. I was ascertained the time that I spent driving down there wasn’t going to be squandered. I’d come to see a nude beach, and I wasn’t going to leave without seeing it.
Slowly, I started to walk down the trail to the shore. Really that’s the only method you can do it, but I was going slower than required. Eventually, I reached the base, and might scarcely believe what I was seeing. There were lots of guys, many of them naked. There were women in all stages of dress and undress. There were families with young kids.
I located an uncrowded place and put my towel down, and sat down on it, having no idea what I was really going to do next.

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Part of me wanted to pull everything away and go running into the ocean. Part of me felt dreadful for being in such a location.
I closed my eyes, and thought, and thought some more. The idea of taking off my clothes in front of guys–how could a nice Jewish girl do that? But there were other women there, and they took their clothes off, and they had no problem with letting men see them.
The ocean looked more and more inviting. The guilt weighed on me. Even if I remained clothed, simply being in this type of place and seeing such sights was incorrect. For nearly an hour, I was torn. I went back and forth–and eventually, the ocean won. If it was a sin to be here anyway, it couldn’t be any worse of a sin to participate.
Fast, before I could think again and change my mind, I stripped. I took everything away, and ran into the ocean. As the waves washed over me, it washed the guilt away. I felt amazing. I was skinnydipping in public, in mixed company, and enjoying it completely. I came out of the ocean, and the sensation of not wearing a wet sandy bathing suit felt amazing.
From that minute on, I was a new person. I am still a traditonal Jew. I eat only kosher food, and I actually don’t drive on the Sabbath. I still visit the synagogue on Sabbaths and Holidays. But I am a Jewish nudist, and I really like it.

Attacking someone else’s character when you have no actual proof is poor, maybe even libelous. Assaulting him freely online, making nasty comments and so forth is even worse. Looking at it through Bill’s eyes, I understand why he needed his side of the story to be heard. Setting the record straight is important, especially with regards to any future employment opportunities.

In the world today, employers are inclined to run on-line investigations before hiring individuals and nobody would need these innuendos on his or her record.
By making unfounded accusations in public, folks endanger his ability to proceed with his life. What’s fair is fair.
My View: Afterthoughts about AANR
While I am perceived by many as being anti-AANR, I am not. I’ve taken many hits from folks about my words on this dilemma. Folks said that I ‘ve no right to express my view because I am no longer an AANR member. Others claimed that I’m merely out to close them down. Some went up to now as to call me out for not being a team player and not caring about the repercussions of what I ‘m posting.
To all those who made such claims, I want to say this if I didn’t care I wouldn’t have spent so many hours studying this problem. Driving naked is like having a mobile nudist resort! I mean wouldn’t have set myself in the direct line of fire if I did not care. Like it or not, the nudie world is little. What FKK does is not directly related to anyone else but for people to believe it doesn’t have any effect is nonsensical.
Like it or not, FKK doesn’t disguise, lie or deflect responsibility.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Though I feel there are barely noteworthy accomplishments which were made by AANR (as far as I know) in the last few years, I am looking forward to a time when that statement isn’t any longer accurate.
My experience with AANR has honestly been a frustrating one. They’ve made false statements, took credit for things that they were not involved in, assaulted both me and Felicity personally and have policies set up that I could never support.
Having said that, maybe this issue will serve as an eye opener and call to action. It truly is pleasant to have committees and board meetings. However , I believe it’s safe to say that it is also time for actions. It appears clear to me that AANR is only about today because certain clubs push their members to be AANR members. If AANR cannot survive without the forced support of a large number of its members, many are claiming that perhaps there just isn’t enough public support to justify their existence.
In close, I simply wanted to make one more point. while I say AANR, I ‘m simply talking about the AANR national organization. For individuals who do not understand, AANR National is the umbrella, and the areas are all separate corporations. On the regional level, I am 110% supportive. National is different, which is who is collecting and spending most of the cash that the local clubs are creating.
Please do comment below. If I’ve made any errors or if you think I missed anything afterward I HAVE TO KNOW! The truth, as they say, will set you free.
This post was written by Jordan Blum for Young Naturists and Young Nudists America – FKK.
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About the Writer (Author Profile)
Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Nudist Portal.Hawaii Nude Beach – Why Should Kauai Nudists Get Off My Plage
Guest Nudie Blog by: Tony Young
Hawaii Nude Beach and Naturists:
Hawaii Nude Beach – The standard gawkers or religious zealot would not deter a typical nudist, but a unique situation on the island of Kauai has gone beyond that.
Less than three years past, Bosio and his wife were leasing a home near Larsen’s Plage Road. To be able to access the traditionally naked sand called Larsen’s Plage on the northeast side of Kauai, there’s one safe sidelong, coastal access trail which runs THROUGH private property possessed by Waioli Corporation, a non-profit organization. The plage is also referred to as Lepe’uli Beach. At the time of the incident, Bosio seen several pick ups on this particular trail with workers bearing It did not happen here; it happened at the ends of the planet. and big machines all the way up to the sand.
On March 6, 2010 at about 9:30 a.m., Bosio and his wife were on the lateral, coastal trail when a cattle rancher got out of a dump truck, identified himself as Bruce Laymon and confronted him.
You are on private property and you know it, he said. Iwill take your picture and the next time we find you on our property we will have you arrested.

I used to sneak out of my house nude (we were lucky and had a large back yard

that was quite protected) and just lie in the hammock. That likely started when I was 11 or so.
First in public was two years ago in Croatia, Istria, with my family. But like lots of other folks have said, once you’re in a real naturist spot, and also the girls are looking at you like you’re a freak because you have your suit on, it gets easier.
After about three hours or so I totally forgot I was bare and almost forgot to dress before I crossed the gate back to the clothed side of the campground. I love the feeling and despite truly being a teen boy who ADORES girls, its never been sexual. ( http://rudefly.us !

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I am aware I’m babbling but I only would love for Americans to get past this crazy hangup and learn to enjoy nature along with the sensation of being free. I know for a fact that three girls in my personal class in college study naked (truth in truth or challenge) but two of them believe a nude beach is sinful. And there are men on my soccer team who’ve never showered in http://macgallery.net because they’re overly self-conscious.
Dudes, get a life. Folks will make fun of you because of how you act, not how you appear nude.


We went bare together whenever his mother wasn’t home.
At that time I still lived with my parents and will remember coming home one day to locate the house empty and immediately taking off my clothes to see what a “solo” nude experience was like. I enjoyed that also, and soon was going privately naked in my room even when family was home. He said, “What are you, some type of nudist?” http://x-pot.com believe I said something elegant like, “Get out, jerk!” but afterward was pleased to think to myself that I likely was becoming a nudist.
When I got my very own apartment, I could eventually go nude as much as I pleased, which was pretty much constantly. I met a new guy who took me to a nude beach, and that opened up a whole new world to me. Years after I became a life model and really got paid to be naked which was another enjoyable encounter.
After all this time I still enjoy being naked daily and hope that never changes. When they ever get me in the old people home, I can only hope it’s a clothes-optional one. I believe I’d be depressed otherwise
Life is best lived simple

I believe I Have been couped up overly long this winter.

All I can think about now the weather is warmer is becoming outside. Since my last experience, I started thinking more about how quiet it’s around here at 2 am. I have worked shift work before and I understand that there could be others awake at 2 am because they may have just got home from work. I have to do what I can. Well…there is this park that is part of the apartment complex…it’s about a 1/2 mile walk…and before you ask… I did not try to walk it in the nude. Remember…this issue is about courageous…not stupid. http://x-public.com ‘d checked it out a few days past and some of the lights are out, so there are a couple patches of dark area…so I thought, why not? This time I actually set my alarm last night for 2 am (must be crazy), got dressed and walked to the park. One of many dark spaces was around the swing set, jungle jim etc… No flats close by, great visibility of viewing anyone approaching on foot or by car because they’d have to be in the lighted areas first. Saw no one about so I stripped down. A little cool and windy last night, but it felt great to be outdoors in the nude. Since I just needed to be out for about a 1/2 hour…after all I need my beauty sleep. I could just appreciate for about 5 min. or so as it took me about 10 min. to walk the distance to the park. There was more to investigate, so I’m really thinking of going back tonight…but driving over (clothed), and that would give me about 20 min. at the park…and it’s a warmer nighttime and less windy. Iwill be a tired pup tomorrow…but I’ll tell you how it goes.

I would like to share a story that to a number of you maybe

will appear a little indiscrete, as it is about my then girlfriend and the lovely days we spent at one of the renowned European resorts. Since you may or might not know, they have much more tolerance for public nudity on beaches of Europe than they do across the Atlantic. And this is what my story is going to focus on.
We stayed at a little resort in Italy that used to be owned by a family of some duke or the other, and it only could house 8 guests at a time. So Minnie and I took up a room on the 2nd floor smack over the swimming pool.
The first thought was to package and leave the area, or have those debauchers removed, instead. But we were worn out by the long flight and besides, seeing the late hour and jetlag that was beginning to settle in, we decided that tomorrow was another day and went out to locate a cosy small rate for a bite before we went to bed.
I can’t say that seeing to hairy beach sex left me absolutely impassive, in physical terms. Of course, I needed to play it up for my girlfriend and fake my complete annoyance, but I couldnt help noticing that both babes in the pool had positive DD sized cleavages and were otherwise awesomely assembled. Notwithstanding the covered miles, I felt that I was extremely excited. Going back to the picture of those sex goddesses with their wet bodies, firm boobies surfacing above and shaved pussies hidden from view exclusively by a couple of inches of swimming pool water got my cock harder and harder until it was almost too difficult to keep it in my trousers. It hurt like a bitch.
She grunted that she was tired, but I just needed to give vent to my sexual frustration, or I felt that I’d explode with horniness.
As we were there in heap on the blankets of that small resort, making out with the passion of our better days, I believed it was a good minute to casually slip it in that I didnt mind staying there and perhaps even joining the couples we had seen the following day. I got Minnie so worked up that she actually never uttered a word of protest! I could barely contain myself with the exhilaration I felt at that point, the concept of joining this nudist company at our backyard so tuning up with the culminating point
The following day during breakfast we introduced ourselves it was impossible not to, keep in mind that the resort proved to be a miniature one, much more like a little house. Other two couples that were staying there turned out to be supported nudists, nothing frivolous; it was sort of their way to stay connected with nature, or something along these lines. Needless to say that all the way through that blabbering I could not get my eyes off those gorgeous tits on both of the girls. I can hardly now recall their names, but I could draw the outline of each pair of boulders now concealed from me by vest tops. But I knew that much too soon we’d be rubbing shoulders in that cosy little pool in the backyard and I would be able to see those cleavages at a sniffing distance
I wish I could say that Minnie shared my excitement for that strategy, it’d be more honest to say that she had repented her untimely permission to the escapade. But it was in her nature to actually go all the way into a disagreement to have more shit to hang on me when it eventually piles up so that theres no avoiding a fight. By then I knew she’d have it in the clear with me sooner or later, but she couldn’t do so back then as she herself had agreed to go.
Anyways, after breakfast we went out for a small excursion and then I raced back to the hotel while Minnie stayed in the shopping region of the town, thinking that the small escapade with nudism pool swimming was not scheduled until much later in the evening.
as soon as I came back to the resort, both couples were already chilling out by the poolside; one couple as well as the other man were resting in long seats, as well as the magnificent brunette was frolicking about in the pool bottom naked!
My only anxiety, fairly clear, was what how the hell would I be able to conceal my hard on. So I pulled away in the background and started observing from behind my sunnies. How exactly could I describe my experience of seeing a gorgeous pair of succulent Italian butts, flat abdomens with adorable belly buttons and by Jove, the very best boobs Id seen before or after that day? I needed to sit on the pavement, feigning to be too hot to stay out in the sun, to hide just how horny I felt. After a while I inched my way to the pool and took a saving dunk to cool down a little. There I was remaining for the biggest part of that day, swimming together with those two naked nymphs in that not-so-large swimming pool before my Minnie joined us.
Now, if I remember one thing on my dying bed, this will be that hot August day in Portofino where I had this marvelous nudism encounter

in para- dice.
The beaches in the sun. The feeling of the atmosphere on my body as well as the coolness of the clear clean salt waters of the carabean ocean were beyond words. to walk in the most natural and free manner possible, like it was meant to be be. Without a soul to care. their were hundreds others around
However they also were swimming carefree in this marvelous place, observing schools of fish swim by, and talking to each other like they were best friends. Others were outside walking on the fine white sands of the beach. We were speaking and unashamed, floating and swimming readily in the beautiful blue waters of the bay, the sun warming us with its extreme life giving rays from above. Gone were the difficulties I’ve had in yesteryear using a swimsuit filling up with air and http://x-topless.com and binding in the worst potential of manners. It was wonderful not to need to sit down in a soggy swimsuit for a change. Walking down the beach could not have been easier because even though we all seemed a little different, we were all actually the same, without any racial, social or sexual hurdles to overcome.
http://nudistwmv.com on the other hand was a little uncomfortable to say the least. Inside my heart I know she would have loved it if she would have tried it, but there were too many problems for her to conquer before she could justify discarding her body armor. In case you enjoy you could blame it on age, you could attribute it on her self image. You could say it is the taboos someone has drilled into her head for a long time, the body is poor, and seeing it’s a sin,or something. ( I actually don’t actually know everywhere that this is backed up by facts!)

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You could say she’s a little set in My first encounter was at a club in South Carolina. I told my wife we were going to try something different and I told her about my ides. She wasn’t actually convinced I ‘d go through with it but her doubts were erased when we pulled into the gate with our camper. I was able to readily accommodate to this new diversion but my wife was more apprehensive. She did engage in the bare tasks but she was quite reserved and not too talkative which is uncommon for her. I believed that she had warmed up to to it by the second day but later I discovered that she was ready to leave when the time arrived.
As for me, the experience was deep. I had one of the top experiences of my life. I especially loved the swimming and lounging by the pool. Typically, I get antsy when I hang out by a pool for a few hours and I am prepared to go a do something different but being by the pool naked was so relaxing that I would have remained for a week if time had permitted. Following the experience, I was ready to go again but my wife did not share my excitement. She was happy she went but would prefer that she never go again. We have been 2 times since then but she kept to herself and didn’t engage with others whatsoever. To me, the most interesting of all is being able to talk with like minded folks and simply enjoy the company of other folks doing the same things I like to do.
I still very much enjoy being nude in a social setting but my wife does not like it and wishes I ‘d only give it up. I keep hoping that things will change but for now, I a catch the opportunity to appreciate some naked recreation whenever my wife is away (which is not often) or I can spend just a few hours AWOL when she is occupied with a wedding shower or some kind of “girl” event. I keep expecting that one day she’ll change her mind and be more open to this but for the time being, I am just considering it slow.ways or a little hard headed. You could say she just thought nude was primitive and lewd, and consistently sexual in content. I must confess I believe it is a shame that 90% of the worlds people are driven by these same miss guided principles. I guess I’m lucky to join the 10% or so who may be a little more open to these not so new thoughts.
The Natural One

My Girlfriend and I’ve resided together for about 1.5 years and in that time

I’ve been chatting with her daughter on facebook and typically working on her. She’s also heavy set and didn’t enjoy her body or nudism. She has told us that she’s even nude at home a lot now and she posts opinions on her Facebook page about favorable body acceptance and supporting our nudist lifestyle. When it warms up next year, or if they come over for an indoor party by themselves, I plan on suggesting they get comfy here and not worry about the clothing. However, if she has her sons with her we can’t do that as we can not be nude around them since their dad (her ex-husband) isn’t alright with it, yet. We’ve been slowly teaching the sons about nudism and even put a nude photo of the two of us by our pool on display where they could see it. The photo is quite tasteful and while we are completely naked, I am sitting while Carla stands and no genitals are showing. Anyway, they saw it and mentioned beach hard on which gave us the chance to further clarify that we’re bare whenever they are not near and that we are more comfortable with no clothing. We also explained that there was nothing wrong with, nor in seeing our graphic. We hope to get them out to soak in the hot tub one day and we plan on having a sign stating that no suits are wanted in the bathtub, which will again get them talking. Then maybe one day they will want to really go without suits also, even if we can not yet. Or we’ll take them to Orvis hot springs and clarify on the way what to expect as it’s clothing optional. We’ll ‘probably’ wear suits to prevent issues with my girlfriends daughters ex-husband but in case the sons say it is acceptable for us to not wear them, we likely will go without. Anyway, it would be a great way to get them around a larger group of people who mostly soak naked.

So, slowly, we are helping friends as well as family, together with strangers, learn to be comfortable with social nudity and aspire to expand our efforts in the coming year.

If I could afford it and had the independence I’d want to do much more, almost full time, but for now I’m restricted to part time activism.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls
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Perhaps one day……

I recall as an early adolescent visiting the creek close to where I was.

living and wading in the creek with just shorts and shoes on. This happened regularly during the summer before the creek would dry up. After that on occassion I’d strip and revel in wading and swimming in the creek. Did not do much in my later teen years. I still loved being naked and slept nude some of the time, but not much outdoor nudism.
I do recall when I was about 20 going with a buddy on a road trip. We ended up going skinny dipping and then hanging out round the fire nude. Was an extremely fun experience.
I had a couple showers in this excursion only standing outside in sunlight and pouring the warm water over me and then letting the sun dry me off. It was fantastic.
My transfomation to societal nudity was going to hot springs when I had a chance. At first I always wore a swim suit and also would remove it when I was alone. The time in the hot springs bare was much nice than needing to put on a swimsuit. Once a woman came to the spring and I had put my swim suit back on when I saw her coming along the trail. But she came up and free young nudist pictures spoke for only a bit. She went behind a rock to modify into her swimsuit, but did not try to really conceal well. http://crazypublic.com could readily tell what she was doing. But she came back and we talked for awhile and she brought up the very fact that it was fine if I needed to be clothing optional in the springtime. I think she had seen me sitting there nude before I ‘d found her.
But she never did take off her suit in the spring. But I was quite comfortable being nude even with her not that way. When she got out to leave, she didn’t trouble to go behing the rock to shift, but simply put on her clothes next to the spring. So it was quite a non-sexually charged encounter and my beginning to enjoying social nudism. Had many more times of enjoy a bare soak in a hot spring in mixed company and much favor that over wearing swimsuits.
Now if I could only get the wife to be a little more at ease with this, we could actually have some amazing trips when we travel. She’s slowly joining me at times, but for the most part doesn’t desire to be nude around other folks. But she has gotton to the point of being naked considerably more than she used to around the house and even if we’re alone at a beach or boating. She may not completely join me being bare, but does go topless at times and does not think I ‘m weird for loving being nude like at first. She believed that only perverts would enjoy being nude, but now she is able to understand why it isn’t a sexual or a perverted thing. I am looking forward to some warm weather again and also an opportunity to be outdoors in the nude.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls
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It’s tough to understand exactly when or where my first nude experience was like except being quite young playing in the water.

I used to be an associate of a club where my favourite location and activity was to swim laps in the pool. Back then work consumed much of my time, however, those trips were well worth the drive as it was a location which allowed me to become more socially & spiritually joined with the few very special people there. It was pleasant to attend an occasion; although it was the nature and quiet times I appreciated the finest. Being there appeared like a ‘little piece of paradise’.
Often there were times, while driving freely down the frontage road on hot summer days, beach free to the right was packed with cars inching their way to the beach. I had chuckle inside thinking . . . if only the folks knew of this better spot just around the bend! My doctrine of naturism is that all of us are born naked since this is natures way of saying it’s entirely natural to be nude. It’s also the most comfortable manner to be also. Being able to swim without clothes and to feel the cool water, the breezes, and open air, even the raindrops — this has been among the very most freeing experiences Ive ever understood. It is particularly pleasant in the shared business of special friends.
After reaching my 30s I got a better sense of myself and started accepting my imperfections. When the 40s came around, I quit caring so much about what other people might be saying or believing. Being a real section of the naturist community has taught me to be more accepting of myself and also of other people. I consider there is a whole lot to be gained from this, i.e. shedding the masks of insecurity and revealing there’s nothing to hide. This has also made me a happier individual.
If it weren’t for a longtime mutual friend, I Had never understood the Clothesfree site existed either. Since then I’ve learned a good deal by reading the varied subjects discussed here. A large proportion of folks here are open minded, non judgmental, informative, caring and encouraging of naturism.