We went bare together whenever his mother wasn’t home.
At that time I still lived with my parents and will remember coming home one day to locate the house empty and immediately taking off my clothes to see what a “solo” nude experience was like. I enjoyed that also, and soon was going privately naked in my room even when family was home. He said, “What are you, some type of nudist?” http://x-pot.com believe I said something elegant like, “Get out, jerk!” but afterward was pleased to think to myself that I likely was becoming a nudist.
When I got my very own apartment, I could eventually go nude as much as I pleased, which was pretty much constantly. I met a new guy who took me to a nude beach, and that opened up a whole new world to me. Years after I became a life model and really got paid to be naked which was another enjoyable encounter.
After all this time I still enjoy being naked daily and hope that never changes. When they ever get me in the old people home, I can only hope it’s a clothes-optional one. I believe I’d be depressed otherwise
Life is best lived simple

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